What do education leaders think about the debate around parental consent?


Much has been discussed about the role of parental consent in education when it pertains to student data. Some are of the opinion that parents should be able to choose whether their child’s data is sent to a third party or not, others don’t believe parents should have the responsibility to make this decision. The Data Quality Campaign compiled the thoughts of different voices in education and privacy and asked whether education agencies and/or 3rd party contractors be able to share student data if a parent consents to the use or should state/federal privacy law prohibit this exemption?

The DQC brought together several voices and perspectives including the National PTA and ACLU. You can read the entire post herehttp://dataqualitycampaign.org/blog/2016/02/debating-parental-consent/

It’s a worthy read providing additional information for us regarding this controversial topic.



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