What is the Privacy K-12 Curriculum Matrix ?


My kids have never used a rotary phone, we typically joke that my youngest swipes at any screen he can get near, we “complain” that our tweens and teens do not look up from their screens whether it is a phone, a tablet or a computer. So it is understandable that with all these technologies we are continually discussing the issue of privacy and security surrounding kids. The reality is that kids are growing, living and breathing technology whether they see it in school or at home. One of the biggest questions I struggle with is how much screen time do we allow, how much oversight should we have of their online activities, and how much personal information are they giving away when downloading and using apps. Students need to develop their own ideas and decide what works for them. However, because they are kids, we need to help them along.

With that in mind, The Internet Keep Safe Coalition (iKeepSafe) has released the Privacy K-12  Curriculum Matrix to help us understand some of the privacy and security issues our children face. Dr. Daniel Solove wrote an excellent blog about the Matrix (full disclosure, he helped in the project). The Matrix contains an overview of the privacy issues that should be taught in school at different grade levels. We often talk about the need to help students make their own informed decisions and this Matrix helps to navigate the complicated world of privacy and security.

You can read the entire post here

So as the year-end holidays are approaching, let’s help kids be more aware of the privacy and security risks they are vulnerable to.




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